IUPUI Building Security and Access Policy

I.                   PURPOSE

The Purpose of the IUPUI Building Security and Access Policy is to provide direction to Faculty, Staff, Students etc., requiring access to University buildings.


II.                POLICY

During business hours, the University (excluding certain areas) will be open to students, parents, employees, contractors, guests, and invitees. During non-business hours access to all University facilities is by key or card access, if issued, or by admittance via the IUPUI Police, Campus Facilities Services or Residence life in accordance with this policy.


III.             DEFINITION

Police Services

 IUPUI Police Department



Campus Facility Services


Building Coordinator

Responsible for the hours of operation and other building management responsibilities


Housing and Residence life

                  Responsible for student housing facilities


IV.             PROCEDURE

              Police responsibilities:

                  Locked Buildings

                  Locked buildings without access card: Access can be granted if faculty/staff have keys to a workspace and present             proper identification i.e., Jagtag, or government issued identification.  To ensure they are authorized access faculty/staff will be         escorted to their work space and asked to use their key to open the door.


                  Locked buildings with access card: Access will not be granted and faculty/staff will be referred back to their department to get authorization on the access system.


                  Labs (computer-medical)

                   *** Access will not be granted to labs. In a case where faculty/staff locked keys/ personal items in a lab space, access may be provided if proper identification can be shown prior to access and then confirmation of ownership of keys/personal items etc., when access is granted. Once this is completed faculty/staff will be escorted out of lab.


                  Faculty/staff locked out of their offices

                  Access can be granted if faculty/staff locked keys in their office. Proper identification will be shown prior to access and then confirmation it is their office once access is granted.


                  Offices off campus master key system

                  Police will not have a key if the department re-keys off the master system. In the event emergency access is needed, force may be used to enter and any resulting repairs will be done at the cost to the department that went off the master.


              CFS responsibilities:

                  General inventory classrooms (non departmental)

                  General inventory classrooms are to remain unlocked per campus policy. In a case when a general inventory classroom is locked CFS should be contacted for assistance.



                  Contractors needing access to buildings are required to make arrangements in advance and will be referred to CFS for assistance.


              Building Coordinator responsibilities:

                  Building hours

                  Building hours are determined by Building Coordinators, and requests to change (unlocking/locking) times must be submitted in writing to the Building Coordinator. 


                  The only exception will be if the Registrar’s office schedules an event that requires a variance in locking/unlocking, and the Building Coordinator has agreed to the change of building hours.


                  The building locking and unlocking scheduled can be reviewed at: http://cfs.iupui.edu/building-info/building-hours.asp


                  Locker access

                  Requests will be referred to the Building Coordinator who may request assistance from IUPD; or in an emergency, the request will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


            *CFS will assist Police when (Police) have determined the locker should be opened.   


              Housing and Residence life responsibilities:

                  Housing access

                  Requests will be referred to Housing Staff who may request assistance from CFS or IUPD; or in an emergency, the request will be evaluated on a case by case basis.



1.      Access Request Card

            Police will always complete an Access Request Card for any of the above occurrences.


            2.   Proper Identification

            Jagtag or government ID will be accepted as authorized documents for proper identification.


3        ***

                        If Police/CFS have the necessary access tools i.e., key or card.


V.                REFERENCES


                  Telephone numbers


                  Police Services: Dispatch, (317) 274- 1386


                  CFS: (317) 278-1900


                  Housing & Residence Life: (317) 274-7200