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Cadet Officer Program

The I.U. Police Department has developed a comprehensive and unique law enforcement training program which has had a history of producing highly qualified, experienced, educated law enforcement professionals.

The cadet program allows full-time undergraduate students to work in a law enforcement agency while pursuing a degree. Students graduate with their college degree, their police officer certification from the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board and experience in the field. Graduates of the program hold positions with agencies such as the FBI, US Secret Service, US Marshal's Office, DEA, Indiana State Police and many local police agencies throughout the State of Indiana and the United States.


Applicants to the cadet program must meet the following entry-level standards:

  • be a full-time IUPUI student (12 credit hours or more)
  • have and maintain a GPA of 2.3 or better
  • be a U.S. citizen
  • possess a valid automobile operator's license
  • have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions
  • must be age 21 at the time of academy graduation

Applications and Selection

Applications are accepted throughout the year.  The selection process starts during the fall semester and continues through the spring.  Students from any area of study who have completed at least one semester on an Indiana University campus and meet the above qualifications are eligible to apply. Cadets go through a rigorous selection process that equals that of a full time police officer by the time the cadet enters the law enforcement academy.


Applicants selected will spend their first year working in public safety dispatch and security. Cadets attend a three-day school to obtain certification on the state and national law enforcement computer system. They also participate in all annual departmental police in-service training. Cadets and cadet officers usually work between eight and twenty four hours per week based on their school schedules. Cadets who satisfactorily complete this first year attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Academy in Bloomington for twelve weeks during summer break. The academy in Bloomington is accredited by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board. The training is the same as is required of all Indiana Law Enforcement Officers and cadets will receive the same certification.

Cadet Officers

After returning from the academy, cadet officers wear the same uniform, perform the same functions and are subject to the same training standards and expectations as full-time IUPD officers.

Cadet Officers work in a variety of capacities to enhance and compliment their academic learning.  These assignments include regular patrol as well as numerous special events to include football and basketball games, community events such as Race for the Cure,  events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and other opportunities for job related experience.


In addition to the opportunity to obtain academy certification and experience, cadets and cadet officers are paid an hourly wage for all training and duty assignments. Cadet officers who have not attended the law enforcement academy are paid minimum wage.  Officers successfully completing the law enforcement academy will be paid a competitive wage for part time students employees.

IUPUI credits can be earned while attending the academy. SPEA will award 6 hours of credit for J380 (Criminal Justice Intern hours), 3 hours of credit for J401 (Criminal Law) and 3 hours of credit for J320 (Criminal Investigations.) Students are responsible for paying the cost for awarding the credit (currently $14.50 per credit hour at IUPUI) and for making sure their official grade/roster is forwarded to the school. A passing grade of 77% or better is required to receive the credit. The police department has no control over credits, costs and requirements.

Further Information

Sergeant Eric Lyons
IUPUI Police
1232 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
FAX 317-274-8031
On-Line Cadet Application Request

Indiana University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.

IUPUI provides information about safety and security in the publication "Safety at IUPUI". This pamphlet contains information on crime statistics, campus law enforcement, alcohol and drug issues, crime reporting, and other related issues at IUPUI.

"Safety at IUPUI" is available upon request from:

IUPUI Police
1232 W. Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
VOICE: 317-274-2058
TTY: 317-274-1387
FAX: 317-274-8031
E-MAIL: police@iupui.edu